databaum gateway

Our gateway ensures the optimal transition of field data to your device where you can access all the relevant information


With many sensors you are dependent on a good wireless connection. Our gateway establishes a direct connection with your sensors and thus makes you independent. The design allows you an easy installation at most available locations. The gateway is connected to the network through an Ethernet cable (PoE), WiFi or a mobile SIM Card. We recommend a maximum distance of less than 5 km between the gateway and sensors. With a line of sight much greater distances can be covered.


CPU: ARM® Cortex-A5 600 MHz
RAM: 128 MBytes DDR2 200 MHZ
NAND: 512 MBytes flash with PMECC
Protection Category: IP 65
Linux Yocto 4.4
Ethernet 10/100 Mbps with passive PoE 24VDC
USB slot for managing and updating the gateway
SX1301 als LoRa™ RF-Systemkernel Semtech-certified
8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 863-870MHz
RX-sensitivity: -140 dBm
Transmission power: 27dBm
Antenna: 500 mm, IP65 antenna @ 4.15 dBi

databaum platform

Set your parameters in the databaum Platform, and get alerts as soon as temperature or humidity rises or falls beyond your defined thresholds.