About databaum

Find out more about databaum, our founding story
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Plant disease

Prediction - Confirmation - Action

Our vision

databaum - The leading disease management tool for successful and healthy farming.

We believe

  • Farmers should not have to commit suicide
  • Disease should never be responsible for over 10% of yield loss
  • Pesticides should be used with precision instead of guesswork
  • Successful farming depends on crop health
  • You don't need to endanger your long term crop health for a successful season
Therefore we do ... Resulting in ...

Our Values

These values guide is during our work.

Customer focus

The crop farmer is our customer. Our goal is to make him successful. Everything we create is for his long term benefit.

Earn Trust

We build an environment of trust. We focus on inclusiveness, honest and direct communication. We care and watch out for each other. We’re humble individually and proud together.

Stay Hungry

We are eager to solve challenging problems and acquire new skills. We understand that staying on the bleeding edge is hard work and we are committed to invest in our continual development.

Move Fast

We believe in our work’s ability to improve life. Because the cost of indecision can be more than the cost of a wrong decision, we emphasize high-speed decision making and execution while insisting on the highest standards.

Have Grit

We exhibit firmness of character and indomitable spirit when faced with challenges. We consistently back ourselves and inspire our teams to power through the low moments. No task is beneath us.

Open to change

We go where it makes sense. We listen. If our direction stops to make sense, we adapt and adjust.

Our Story

It all started with an observation from Johannes, founder of databaum. A farmer was watering his field and Johannes was wondering how the farmer would know about the best timing for watering his plants. After a short conversation with the farmer it was clear to Johannes that the farmer based his watering decision purely on his experience. Right away it was clear to Johannes that this approach is not effective, and that technology could bring a significant improvement to this sector. After many more conversations with various farmers and experts in this field Johannes, a developer himself, has started building a product that was truly customer centric.

Along the way Johannes met Igor, a business entrepreneur, who was also immediately hooked by the idea of digitalizing the approach to farming. Soon after they have started working together it became clear to them that the value they can bring to farmer’s is not limited by providing important data but actually the interpretation of this data and the recommendation of actions to be taken.

One of the major issues for farmers they have identified is timing. Plants are extremely sensitive to any kind of influence - this can be rain, sun, soil nutrients and many more factors. Understanding what a plant needs at any given time is extremely complex to identify and therefore it is a big challenge to time the necessary actions for a farmer.

We now provide farmers with the information they need to get the most value out of their crops. This reduces waste of water, fertilizer and pesticides and therefore saves our planet.